Giffarine Hya Intensive Whitening Pre-Serum 27ML

SKU: HYA840323

A concentrated, lightweight serum that soothes the skin as the first step before any other skincare regimen. Every drop is enriched with Pure natural hyaluron, certified 100% Natural (Ecocert Cosmetic) from Germany, provides moisture to the skin. Helps reduce wrinkles, tightens and smoothens skin.

Combined with Flower Extract, a valuable flower extract from France. Together with Caviar Lime Extract from Australia, which is classified as Natural AHA, helps to exfoliate skin cells for a brighter and more radiant look.

Contains Sakura Extract, an extract from cherry blossoms from Korea. Helps inhibit the process of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products), thereby increasing the strength of the skin. Prevents aging, reduces dark circles and makes the skin look radiant naturally.

After 7 days of use, skin becomes smoother and pores become smaller. Make-up application becomes easier. After 14 days of use, skin becomes brighter and more radiant.
Pure natural hyaluron ,Flower Extract from France, Caviar Lime Extract from Australia, Sakura Extract from Korea
Apply some drops to clean and revitalized skin. Apply to the face and neck using soft, circular ascending movements paying particular attention to wrinkles.

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