Guide: PATTRENA Aromatic Mists

(1) Spray Aromatic Mist on your body or clothes 👕👖👗 for a sweet, refreshing light fragrance! Unlike perfumes, Aromatic Mists are not overpowering and simply envelope you with a light pleasant scent! 😘

(2) Spritz some Aromatic Mist on your pillows and bed sheets! 🛏 That way you can curl up in your sheets and fall asleep in a sweet scented bliss. 🌷😴🌹

(3) Add some Aromatic Mist to your car interior 🚘 to give it a pleasant unique scent and remove any unwanted odours!

Available in 6 different scents, these mists capture a touch of natural plant scent to create perfect ambience for relaxation and balance.💆‍♀ Want a mist that would also refresh, cool, and soothe the skin instantly after spraying? Try PATTRENA’s Face Mists!💧😍