Aromatic Shower Scrub Lotus & Jasmine 900ml

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Revive your skin by giving it a gentle massage! This product is a Shower gel with Walnut Shell Powder to gently remove dead skin cells and rough skin. Enriched with Jasmine Extract, Lotus Extract, Argan Oil and Vitamin B5, your skin will be left feeling soft and hydrated! Scent inspired by Aromatherapy Thai Spas to help you fully relax.

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Lotus: Nourishes and brightens, Hydrates and improves elasticity,Anti-oxidant effect. Jasmine: Moisturises and balances, Calms and relieves tension, Promotes relaxation and sleep.
Pour Shower Scrub onto a sponge or your palm. Massage gently on wet skin in circular motions. Add water, work into a rich lather, then rinse off thoroughly with water.

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