Face Mist Energizing 110ml

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Helping to invigorate your senses to feel uplift and alert and bring a fresh, citrusy and sweet aroma to the room. Commonly used to revitalize and stimulate spirit and mind. It also helps to clear the head and nose.


活力醒腦 保濕噴霧 110ml
<p>水盈保濕噴霧令人感覺清新涼快,瞬間舒緩肌膚,不但令肌膚感覺柔軟,留下溫和與使人放鬆的香味,還能幫助活化感官,有提神功效,常用於喚醒和刺激精神和心靈,醒腦提神 用法 於疲倦及感到面部乾燥時使用</p>

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Rose Water, Biosaccharide Gum-4, Mineral Water, Mandarin Oil
Spray this aromatic mist on your face anytime

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